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About Us

We are Septem: wedding photographers and videographers. We adore travel, discover, and share.
  We believe that every soul becomes richer after every adventure.
People just call it “having experiences”, but we prefer to think of it as a path of personal growth.
 Couples who choose us, are not just looking for a simple video or some cool pictures. They want their emotions to resonate through images, and relieve what it was like to be on that journey.
There are millions of stories waiting to be told, and our job is to speak about them. That’s why we want to create a great connection with you!

Everything starts from curiosity.
Internet has allowed us to reach unimaginable distance and give us the chance to meet people who live overseas.

That’s why we also met many of our couples through Skype.
Having a first contact like this will allow us to understand desires and expectations, as well as to know more about what you wish will happen on your special day.

We greatly appreciate when couples are inclined to talk about themselves and their story, when they are willing to express their personality freely.
 This is because we love to create a long lasting connection. 

We also believe that in natural and wild environment, ones can better express his feelings. That’s why we love unconventional locations, outdoor ceremonies, out in the wild, in an abandoned ruin or in a beautiful villa.
 We travel all over the world. Distances do not scare us!


Telling a story is not easy.. Talking about emotions can be so private and intense.. But that, is what we aim to do… Trough images and videos, we tell your story by capturing your feelings and respecting your privacy. But always by showing the true ‘you’… on your most important day!

We know you are going along an important journey and we want to make it unforgettable.. not only capturing your wedding day, but also everything that is around it!

We love challenges and every place offers new conditions. It can be an abandoned castle, a beach or in the middle of a forest… What is important for us is to highlight you and your emotions, on a day you will remember for the rest of your life.. We are not scared to travel kilometers to meet your desired.. We are travellers of the world and we’ll accompany you on your way, if you let us to.

Get in touch now to have a preview of the services we offer, tailored on your needs and desires!
Let us bring you our Italian’s style!

Adriana Russo

Nice to meet you!
I spent part of my life looking for a job that would enthrall me and allow me to completely express who I am.
 So I changed from advertising graphics to photography and later I developed a passion for videography.
Thanks to this wonderful activity I can express what I feel inside: the sounds, the colours, the emotions…
 Making videos makes feel complete.
In 2012 I decided to leave my hometown in Sicily and moved to Turin, yet I always carry with me the warmth that characterizes my land.
After numerous collaborations with several studios, working as a freelancer together with Paola, in 2014 we decided to create the brand monocromostudio and subsequently wedon.
Septem was born in 2018 and is not just a new brand, but is in fact our new horizon, our new point of view, and our new adventure. It might seem easy to have the job of capturing and describing the happiest day in someone’s life, but this could not be further from the truth.
It is necessary to have new eyes, an open heart and a fresh mind.
I love those people who wish to talk about themselves and express their feelings in words, because this helps us to understand their world better, and get even closer to describing the experience in the right way.
I love telling your stories through my eyes.

Paola Licciardi

I am Paola, a photographer and videographer within Septem.
I consider myself very lucky because my job has become my passion. I studied graphic and photography, graduating in Milan in 2005. I was born in the beautiful Cefalù (Sicily), but currently, after a short time in Milan, I have been living in Turin for 5 years. I love my city but I love discovering new places and their scents. I love cooking and usually, on the way back from every trip, I bring a new recipe with me and cook it with some personal changes, because I don’t like to follow patterns!
Thanks to my fellow travelers, I am a part of Septem. We are an all-female team able to go beyond the rules with the simplest of tools: hands and eyes.