Before leaving Eisenach – Photographic travel journal

Before leaving EisenachPhotographic travel journal.

Shooting with Abbo and Lucky.

Our photographic journey to Eisenach begins on December, 6th.Taking photos is not just a chance to travel. It also means enriching oneself with experiences, getting to know other people’s stories, it means the opportunity to document an event, a special day, or even a single instant. We have often had the chance to embark on work journeys around Italy or France, but never had we been to Germany.
Abbo and Lucky love to travel, and they do so for fun as well as for work purposes. They have already changed country more than once, from China to Germany, and soon they will move to the Czech Republic. With their furry friends in tow, namely Paco and Johnnie, they move from one country to the next, Paco being a globetrotting engineer.
In September, in Italy we carried out a photo shoot for their wedding, however their idea was to have other photos done in the city which they are soon to leave: Eisenach. And so it is that we organize our journey… we’re off!

Rivoli, 9 o’clock.
Suitcases and equipment are loaded, the petrol tank is filled up to the brim… and the course is set for Eisenach. The forecasts are somewhat foreboding, and wind and rain are there to welcome us, yet we press on.
Some truly wonderful landscapes greet us on our way, ranging from Switzerland, with its snowy mountaintops, to Austria, and finally Germany. The iPhone camera is constantly snapping away. Instagram is working full-time and spreading scenes of our trip.

Eisenach belongs to what was once East Germany. This is quite apparent from the rural structure of the land, as well as the buildings. There are many open fields and free-range farms.
We arrive at our destination at around 8 in the evening, and the couple lead us into a place with typical local products, where we get to taste some excellent meat. German is a challenging language, yet with our “Danke schön!” we feel a just a little more German! ☺
We talk about the local cuisine, work, about their move to the Czech Republic, but the main topic is food, because Abbo loves to eat.
Wherever he goes, he tries out the local specialties. We are sure that one day we will stumble upon a blog: “Abbo’s culinary advice”. Anytime a friend of his calls him from around the globe to ask him what and where to eat, Abbo always has an answer ready.

The following day, the couple show us where they would like the photo shoot to take place, and we walk for miles, delving deeper into the Black Forest.

It is now Lucky who leads us, giving us glimpses of uncontaminated spots, while Abbo finishes off his work calls. The wind whistles through the trees, and late Autumn shows off its intense colours. The hues of leaves paint our route and remain with us throughout our journey. The bare trees reach up into the sky and the wind weaving in between their branches is the sound of winter drawing closer.

The following day, the wind is still strong, however we decide nonetheless to try our luck.
We park our cars and move towards the forest; there we begin the photo shoot. The biting cold is aggressive, and the wind just makes it harder to bear. We take breaks to shelter in the cars… Abbo and Lucky sit on the car bonnet for a drink of hot tea, and we immortalize this moment in a photo, then the rain starts to beat down hard, ruining our plans.

We decide to head back home, however a brilliant idea grabs our fancy. We take advantage of the room we are staying in, where there is a beautiful corner window overlooking one of the main streets of the town. We improvise a photo shoot on the spot. Abbo likes simple, unelaborate things, and as we sip a good whisky, we snap away photos of them as they read and joke with each other. Inquisitively, both Johnnie and Paco take part in the shooting. And thus, although the original idea was that of an outdoor session, we drank hot tea and took photos representing their everyday life. It’s always a fine thing when you manage to draw something positive from a situation where everything seems to work against you. These photos bear witness to the time we spent with them and the days we shared together.

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