Couple photoshoot: how the service works during weddings

How to have a simple and efficient wedding photoshoot during your big day

The moment of a couple photoshoot during the wedding day is a truly important time. We believe this is the main focus of a wedding, sometimes even more important than the ceremony itself. We also believe that this particular moment gives the couple and to everyone else, the idea of ‘why’ the wedding is celebrated, as this is the best expression of it.

It is so beautiful to meet couples while they get ready for the big moment, listen to their expectations and their love stories.

Very often, when we show our work to newly engaged couples, we have been asked if the protagonists of our wedding pictures and videos are actors. 🙂

couple photoshoot

When someone decides to book a destination wedding photographer, after looking at his previous work, the thing that scares them most is that they believe they won’t look so good as the couples in the pictures. Or they won’t be able to look so natural either.

In this article, we would like to dispel a myth and show you how we are constantly able to obtain amazing pictures and videos while shooting pictures of very normal people, just like you, on their big day.

Being in line and finding empathy with the photographer

We would never say this enough: at the moment you choose a professional figure, especially a photographer or videographer that will accompany you during many hours in your wedding day, you will have to be sure that this will be the right person to speak about the best story to represent that day.

Being in line with him and finding a connection will make everything easier and we can assure you one thing: the day will feel lighter and you won’t even realise how fast time will pass.

So, if you find that connection with the photographer, your couple photoshoot will be so easy to handle. You won’t even take care to be photographed or filmed in a video. The feeling will be just as good as staying with friends.

The couple photoshoot is a real intimate moment and being observed from a stranger is not easy at all. Although, if you are able to create empathy with the photographer, everything will run smoother and certainly easier. You will feel comfortable and through his way of handling things,  you will also find your way to be natural and spontaneous without making any effort but just being yourself.

getting ready

Speaking with the photographer and the videographer previous to the wedding day 

It is extremely important to establish a connection with the photographer and/or videographer before the big day comes. Talk about your expectations and the different requests or doubts you may have regarding your wedding photoshoot. For example, you can speak about the location you would prefer for your pictures, or how much time you would like to dedicate to this moment. You can also ask for their opinion if you don’t have any idea about this at all.

There are couples that prefer to dedicate only a few moments of their time having the photoshoot, in order to avoid the guests waiting too much. If the photographer knows your needs before the wedding day, he can easily advise you on different options like, for example, making the photoshoot the day after the wedding, or dividing it into two different small-time sessions: one right on the wedding day, maybe after the guest’s reception, and another one a bit longer the day after. Everything depends on what your desires are too.

A professional wedding photographer will be able to give you the right advice to have the best pictures ever and, at the same time, allow you to spend more time with your guests.

What exactly is a couple photoshoot?

Between all the wedding moments, this is the one where the couple can finally take time to enjoy a bit of privacy far away from everyone else, and the photographer/videographer can fully dedicate his time to it.

For the spouses there are still lots of emotions due to the ceremony and also the curiosity to see what is going to happen next. This is a very special and important time that completes and confirms the wedding fairytale.

The couple photoshoot is the perfect moment to leave and forget all the tension of the day and let the emotions flow in hugs and kisses. All the couples find this moment very relaxing and refreshing because they can finally spend time alone and get to speak about that part of the day they were apart.

What the spouses should do

The most important thing for a couple to do during the wedding day is.. to enjoy the day! There aren’t many details to take into account for this. If you choose a professional wedding photographer you will only need to trust him and let him guide you through the best way to obtain stunning and emotional images.

Let go of every uncertainty about your being not photogenic and trust the photographer you choose.

During the couple’s session photoshoot, the photographer and the videographer will communicate with you based on your previous agreement. If you prefer to be guided to make some poses, they are going to advise you on some position you can make. If you opt for more natural moments, then they will probably choose the technique of reportage.

This technique is without any doubt the best for us, and the one we use in our studio. We love spontaneity and real moments, exactly how they take place.

Our experience as destination wedding photographer

During our years of experience, we noticed how good it is to let the couple freely express their emotions. We also know where we can push a bit to obtain great results. In our ten years of career, we fully understood that the best moments at all are the spontaneous ones. But if we realise that the couple has some doubts, we are there to help.

couple photoshoot

Normally, when we meet future spouses during the different meetings through Skype or in-person when possible, we talk about the many aspects of the photoshoot. We love to explain in detail our way of work. In this way, the couple feels way more secure and know that they can trust us and just enjoy the day from the beginning to the end.

It is therefore very important to set expectations and say that it is not always possible to capture moments exactly how they are and great results at the same time.

It is better to clarify this before the wedding day, it will certainly help the couple to understand how to act at this moment. Also, it’s good to discuss details like the choice of the best moment in which to realise the couple’s photoshoot (the time of the day in order to have the best light) and which location to choose. These two aspects are very important to understand. The photographer will take care of the rest.

So, to simply recap :

  • Find an empathetic photographer/videographer
  • Be yourself
  • Trust the professional you choose

Now you are more than ready for your couple photoshoot!

If you would like to find out more about how we manage this service and check some photoshoot we made, follow this link.


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