Elopement weddings vs Intimate weddings all you need to know

First of all we have to tell you this: escaping to a secret place or a place that you desire with your beloved one, it’s a true philosophy.

Not all the couples are willing to give up on having their family and friends present when taking their vows of eternal love.

It takes to be very independent, it means to believe in the intimacy of the personal feelings.

It means to desire a journey together where the only thing that counts is looking into the eyes of the other person and say aloud “YES, I will be yours forever”.


Running away in another place of the world, bringing only a backpack full of love and curiosity, and that goosebumps that only the mystery gives.

It doesn’t matter the dress, the make -up or the look. What really counts is knowing to have the only person able to share a crazy adventure with you.

Very often the elopement is mistaken with the intimate wedding. In reality these are two different things.

The intimate wedding doesn’t have to necessarily be celebrated in a place far away from home and it is not based on a travel adventure.

It is a moment that is shared between a few people and, of course, your lover. These are very big differences: the travel, the adventure, and the number of people invited to the ceremony.

For us, wedding photographers and videographers, there are very different services and our work’s approach is different too.

Clearly, for us an elopement is a reason of curiosity due to the place to visit and to shoot different ways in which love stories can evolve into the wild nature.

intimate wedding

An intimate wedding is very different from a normal wedding too, even if the number of people invited doesn’t impact the wedding emotions, nor the course of the day.
We love to tell every story that nourishes our passion. To photograph and to create nice images is our unique mission.


So, what do you need to know regarding an elopement ceremony?

An elopement is not a classic wedding. Couples decide to elope because of the unconventional feelings and emotions that they will feel living an adventure, with privacy and intimacy.

Who decides to elope doesn’t wish a wedding like any others, but only wants to express his feelings to the lover in a different way, maybe on top of a mountain or over the seashore, with the wind gently taking care of the moment.

In what consists an elopement from the photography and videography point of view?

A photographer is born to take images, as a videographer is born to film unforgettable moments.

We are going to do our best to capture every moment, while you take your vows. The videographer is gonna create a unique storytelling. He will create a true movie using the breathtaking images of the place you decided to escape to, together with the words you choose to express your feelings.


We will create for you the story of your moment: unique, emotional, and suggestive.

How much is the budget we need to expect to have both, photographer and videographer?

Being different from a classic wedding, means also that there are other steps to follow when preparing an elopement, like the function, the couple shooting, the few guests reception.

An elopement can be made just in a few hours and this can impact the budget in a truly positive way.

While for a classic wedding, you’re looking to spend from 15.000 to 30.000, just for a basic ceremony, for an elopement the cost it is just for travel and outfits expenses. Regarding the photographer and videographer, what will impact the total amount will be the effective working hours and the travel expenses.

You can find out our prices in Wedding Photographer Prices

Would you like to do an elopement in Italy?

Italy, also called “il Bel Paese”, the beautiful country.
It is full of breathtaking landscapes.
The sea, the mountains, and the hills are the strengths of it.

You just need to think about the perfect place for you.

You can choose between the beautiful Tuscany, with its wonderful e characteristics cypress and vineries.

Or you can decide to elope within the olive tree grove in Puglia and live an unforgettable experience in a local farm.

Or again, you can choose to elope to the amazing beauty of the coastline, in a natural reserve, maybe in Sicily or in the heart of the little city Marzamemi.

Believe us, we have been to all these places and they can really shake you because of their beauty.

Live your Italian elopement with us!

We are able to help you choose the best place for you and your beloved one.

Tell us how you wish your dream day to be, and we will set up everything according to your desires, creating a proper Italian “fuitina”, just a romantic escape!

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