Getting married during Covid-19: the winter wedding can be a great idea

How to fight Covid-19 that caused your summer wedding to be postponed

You’ve chosen a date for your wedding during this summer-autumn season, and the idea of a winter wedding hasn’t crossed your mind. The recent worldwide emergency of COVID-19 has disrupted many couple’s plans and wedding celebrations.

But not everything is lost.

How can we fight COVID-19 and celebrate a wedding in the meantime?

We want to propose an alternative for you to consider so you can have your dream wedding celebration, despite this worldwide pandemic.

This way, you can live your dreams without having to wait for another long year to pass.

couple photo shoot

At this uncertain time of year, having a wedding is unpredictable, and understandably, you want to continue everything you and your partner have built so far.

Even photographers like us, don’t want to give up doing what we love the most. It is an unusual moment for everyone, but luckily it is only temporary.

We will soon go back doing what we love the most: your love story and the passion we have for our business will get us to meet again.

Below, you can find a list of benefits in celebrating a winter wedding compared to a summer wedding.

Weather and climate

Between all the benefits of getting married during wintertime, there is undoubtedly the aspect of the climate.

Very often, during summertime, we see overheated spouses, both from the whirlwind of emotions and also because of the hot temperature.

During summer, in countries like Italy, the humidity can exceed 70%, especially during months like June, July, and August.

It is very complicated for the groom but also for all the men who witness the event to wear a suit with long sleeves, tie or papillon, and jacket.

During the civil ceremony, the issue is even more present, especially when this is under the sun.

It is not only the man who suffers the heat. The bride usually endures complications due to the weather. Even when the makeup artist does an incredible job, it doesn’t always remain excellent throughout the day, especially during the hottest hours.

During a winter wedding, this isn’t a problem as temperatures are much more relaxed. In Italy, especially in the south of this beautiful country, it is popular to celebrate a wedding with mild temperatures.

Imagine that a few years ago, precisely the 5th of January, we observed a wedding in Sicily with an average temperature of 18 degrees.

Both the spouses and the witnesses enjoyed external and internal spaces without suffering from the summer heat, not even for a second.

From our point of view, also shooting pictures during the winter season has some advantages.

Couples are way more relaxed, and the bride is less stressed and worried about the makeup.

Bride, you can undoubtedly relax: amazing pictures are coming!

winter wedding

More dates available

The majority of couples that get in touch with us already have a preference for summer dates, but it happens very often that these dates are unavailable.

This forces couples to accept locations that they don’t like or difficulty in finding the vendors available.

Booking a wedding is something that must be done in advance, especially if the couple has some requirements in mind, like hiring a specific vendor or booking a particular location. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when starting to organise the event

During wintertime, it becomes easier to manage all these elements, plus the number of weddings is lower compared to the summer-autumn ones.

Also, booking a photographer is much more comfortable, like in our case.

We deliberately chose to book an event per day and a specific number of events per month.

We guarantee exclusivity and efficiency to the couples that book our services and having a winter wedding can be the best option to book in our busy schedule.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have us at your wedding.

Minor costs of transfer and accommodation

An essential element to consider when organising a wedding is its economic impact. A wedding held during wintertime requires a lower budget compared to a summer one.

Considering the cases of destination weddings that allow lots of people to come to our Country, there are millions of tourists visiting Italy during the spring-summer-autumn time.

Consequently, the possibility to find suitable accommodation for all the wedding guests is lower and all the solutions may be more expensive because of the high season.

On the opposite, winter in Italy is low season, and accommodation costs are lower compared to the rest of the year (excluding ski structures).

You can reduce the total expenses by opting for a winter wedding.

Think about the accommodation and transfer costs for all the wedding guests.

You should take into account that saving on these elements, if you decide to organise a winter wedding, can give you the chance to invest a bigger budget on something else: your honeymoon, for example.

Also, the destination wedding photographer and videographer you choose for your wedding, need to be present already the day before the ceremony.

Their transfer and accommodation costs may impact the overall expenses.

During winter time these costs can be lower.

Ask for a no-obligation quote for your winter wedding.

The winter mood

What do you think about when winter arrives?

Don’t you have in mind a fireplace at home, the snow, the Christmas atmosphere? Well, a winter wedding is more than this.

Can a better moment exist to organise a wedding?

winter wedding

You would find your guests reunited to celebrate your winter wedding, with a total white and red mood. Imagine a kiss under the mistletoe while you swear each other eternal love.

As photographers, we dream with open eyes, and we love warm and cozy atmospheres, precisely like the winter one is with its colors.

Taking pictures at this time of the years is truly amazing. Both with snow or even in an empty landscape, what matters and enriches the images is the spouses love story.

In Italy it is quite common to find a beautiful day during winter, the sun has such a warm light.

If you think that winter is made only of cold and rain, you would be surprised to know how many beautiful and warm days there are in Italy.

Where there is love, there are also warm feelings, and pictures made with love are always the best ones.


Winter wedding colors

The winter wedding colors: can you imagine how romantic this season can be?

We love to capture this time!

From burgundy to black and gold, or dark green tones; these colors are so unmistakable during this season.

People sometimes underestimate this time of year, but we would love to show you what a wedding planner can do once having in mind a palette of colors suitable for this moment, and lots of creativity. Incredible!

winter wedding

When these elements are combined, for us, it means playing with more creativity and for you a better photography quality.

The harmony of colors and all these ideas will undoubtedly put you in trouble: what should you choose now, a classic summer wedding or an exclusive winter one?

If you think about it, it may not be that bad to get married in winter, right.

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