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All the possible packages available for a wedding

At the exact moment you decide to hire a wedding photographer, you will also have to choose between different wedding packages. It doesn’t really matter if you are looking for a photographer or a videographer, the important thing is that he can capture your day at it’s best and offer you the best choice of services.

A wedding package includes many and different services.

To help you have a better idea of them, we are going to speak about the most common ones.

Wedding photo only

This is the most common wedding package and it can be adapted to everyone.

A wedding photography shooting can be added to a series of other services and packages, and it is normally the best solution chosen by most of the couples that decide to remember their big day.

Why choose the package with only photos?

Normally the couple who chooses this service alone is the one who doesn’t consider other services too.

wedding photo shoot

There are couples who choose to tell their love story with images and who want to look natural and spontaneous. They believe the wedding photoshoot can give them the best result.

The couples who choose this service and don’t want to have the video shooting, in most cases don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera and prefer to have photographs that will focus more on spontaneously than poses.

Every time we meet couples who prefer to have only the photos service, we usually ask the reason why. If they tend to give an insecure answer or they don’t have a strong motivation for it, we show them different possibilities they may like in order to have the video service too.

We really have to say it: very often, after looking at our videos, many couples decide to add this service along with the photo shooting.

Wedding video only

The wedding video package is often chosen together with the photograph package, but there are exceptions. Some couples prefer their story to be told in a different way, on a different level, and they can achieve this by having a videographer. The reason why is because a video includes all the aspects and particularity that pictures don’t have, such as sounds and cinematographic images.

The couple who prefers this service doesn’t have any doubts about what they are looking for. They want storytelling and stronger feelings about their big day.

In other cases, some couples have already chosen a photographer that doesn’t offer a videography service and they are looking for an external professional that can provide them with this package. What we normally advise to these newly engaged couples is to preferably choose someone who can offer both services together.

Is there any advantage to this?

It is definitely simpler to choose a single and qualified studio in both services as the team working in it will be in line and more in sync with the services offered. It is totally natural to have stronger complicity when working together so that every aspect of the work is smoother and the collaboration is easier.

Our team has worked together for many years. Paola and I have worked together for 10 years now and we have great and mutual respect. The common intent is that the result of our work in terms of both photos and videos will be stunning and perfect in the same way. We always try to support each other, we can even understand each other with a single look and come to help with ideas and different points of view when needed.

Wedding photo and video

If the wedding photo service is the most common one between all the packages, the photo and video is definitely the most sold one.

As said before, with the empathy that our team developed during all these years we are able to provide great results in terms of images and stories told through videos and pictures.

When the photographer/videographer is able to do an excellent job, the couple can realise it and as soon as this happens, it is almost impossible to don’t include all the available services in a wedding package.

Who chose a full service of photo and video, has a clear vision of the desired result and can recognise the fact that videos and pictures tell a story in a totally different way.

The pictures, when excellent, have the ability to evoke strong memories and take the viewer back into time. A great photographer has all the necessary skills to understand which images he captured, which have the most strong value.

Very different is the video that focuses the attention on storytelling. The moving images, the sound, the details, the entire effects of it make the real difference. The pictures, for good as they can be, are not able to express the same feelings a video can. That’s why we consider it essential to choose both packages in order to relieve the emotions in the best possible way.

Pre-wedding shoot, engagement photo or video

These packages include certain services that can be also included in others too.

The pre-wedding shoot is a package that we propose to every couple that has doubts about their looking pictures. This kind of service can help everyone to forget any feeling of insecurity and make couples understand that the wedding will take place in the same way, just with some different clothes on. 🙂 The main focus will be on the way they love each other.

wedding packages

wedding packages

Every time we propose this package, we also advise the couples on different topics such as the clothing, the best time of day for the shooting, the location, and many other elements.

Between all the wedding packages, we believe that one, in particular, is the beginning of all:

the engagement.

The engagement is a very emotional photo shooting. Often it is thought of as a simple couple shooting but it is extraordinary to see the wedding proposal during this time.

It happened so many times to us and look at this picture below. He just bent the knees in front of the beach and so it happened…


The elopement wedding is not very common in Italy as most of the couples prefer a more traditional ceremony and the experience of a celebration with the entire family and friends.

We are famous for our traditions and our events full of guests and noise.

pre-wedding shoot

The elopement shooting is way more common in other countries. It is a lovers’ adventure. You are due to leave to explore an unknown place where you take vowels in total intimacy.

Who chose this kind of service wants to capture this kind of adventure, who loves nature and wants to express his feelings in a different way. We define these as open-minded individuals.

Italy is an amazing and suggestive country that offers many of these locations, perfect to swear true love. Ours is a country that can offer different kinds of locations: mountains and hills, natural reserves and woods, and then, of course, there is the seaside.

Very often the elopement is mistaken with the intimate wedding. If you want more information about it just check our dedicated blog post.

Wedding photo album

The wedding photo album service includes the possibilities to have the pictures of your wedding printed on the support of your choice.

It is a package that you can add on, and usually, we suggest having it together with the photo and video packages.

Nowadays, the printed pictures have lost their importance but we can assure you that relieving your best memories on a photo album is truly emotional.

Every couple that decides to print their pictures, as soon as they get the photo album, they tell us what a pleasure it is to see their emotions so strong on a printed photo.

Inside this package, we can offer albums of different kinds of sizes and materials, and also a different choice of papers.

wedding phot album

Wedding packages all-inclusive

The all-inclusive wedding package includes most of the services that a photographer/videographer can normally offer like photo and video packages, printed photo albums and pre-wedding shooting.

Usually, this package is chosen by those couples who don’t want to exclude any service from their wedding shooting, couples that love photography and want their story to be told in the best possible way and their memories impress over time.

No matter the package you will choose in the end, we are here to solve all of your queries. And we definitely have the perfect package for you!

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