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Are you looking for a wedding photographer and you don’t know where to start? No worries, we’ve got your back. Here you can find a list of essential points on how you can better choose a wedding photographer. This step may look easy but, your wedding photographer or videographer will be the person who you are going to spend most of the time with during your wedding day. So, to choose the right vendor is your first goal. You will have to be so excited in doing so, that it will make you understand how important this step is. In this case, empathy is essential. Think about how your surroundings can be chilled and relaxed if you choose someone taking care of your wedding shooting that you fully trust and that is making you feel comfortable.

Another essential thing to consider is that every photographer/videographer has its own niche. There are some photographers who specialise in food, others in newborn, and so on. Photographers that choose to work with fashion and some others who, like us, are specialised in wedding photography.  Here we are, in fact!

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How can you distinguish a good wedding photographer from a less professional one? Our suggestion is to start making good research online and look for some keywords that will help you to find the right photographer for you. When looking for it, keep in mind some essential details about your wedding.  For example, the Country you want to marry in, or a certain region where you wish your wedding to take place.

Starting from there, you can look for a photographer that works in the area. This is just one way, but it is not the only one. You can also expand your research and look for other professionals not far away from the place you would like your wedding to be. You may be able than to find someone that has more experience or that you simply like more. For this reason, try to don’t base your choice solely on the photographer/videographer location. Then what is the main point to focus your attention on? According to our professional experience, we created a list of a few things you can take into account when making this important choice, explained step by step.

Wedding galleries

wedding photographer

An essential factor when choosing your wedding photographer and maybe the most important one is to look at the previous work done, through a website, social media pages and portfolio. Don’t base your choice only on one picture but try to look at different images and videos. Having few pictures on a website doesn’t necessarily mean that the photographer can deliver a fully professional project, but it is certainly better if you can make a choice based on different images to value his work. If you can’t find this material you can also get in touch with him directly and request it.

Photography style

Aside from the photographer’s specialization, it is important to analyze some previous work done in order to understand if his style matches your taste and expectations. When you are checking a photo or a video gallery, try to understand what you are looking for: a reportage style, a more glamorous one or something more characteristic. If the photographer is in line with your taste then you can contact him to check if he is available on the date you choose for your wedding. Hold on! Before you send the email, there are still a few things you can check in order to make your final decision.

wedding photographer

Photography services

Once you feel you are in the right place and you like the photographer style, check the packages he offers and see if there is one that you feel meets your needs. For example, you can find out that the photographer is not willing to travel, while you are looking for more flexibility and a wedding photographer that can easily join you in a place you choose. Or maybe you are looking for a videographer that is able to use a drone, but this one, in particular, doesn’t offer this service.

On a well-explained website, you will also find a section with an explanation of the packages and all the detailed services the photographer/videographer offers. Most of the time, these pages are able to give you an idea of the price of the service, so that you can easily understand if this works with your budget.

Client testimonials

According to us, this is one of the most important information to look for inside a wedding photographer website. Imagine you have to buy a product online, what is the one thing you will first do? Look for reviews, obviously! In order to understand what clients think about it. Testimonials are a piece of essential information that can help you understand if what you are looking at, it is also what you need. Would you trust someone that doesn’t have any testimonials? I don’t think so and neither do you. 🙂 Find out here what others say about us.

Getting to know your photographer

wedding photographer

wedding videographer

Now that you definitely have more information about the photographer/videographer you want to choose, you can jump on to the next step: get in touch with him. Nowadays we are very lucky to have the chance to contact anyone in the world thanks to technology, eliminating any distance barrier. Exactly how we were saying at the beginning, choosing a wedding photographer is very important because he will be the person with who you will spend most of the time on your wedding day.

What if you don’t really get along with them throughout your wedding day and he will not meet your expectations? Can you imagine how difficult it will be to spend all day together? Empathy is essential in this case and getting to choose someone positive, creative and easy-going is probably what you are looking for. What we are trying to say is that it is important to get to know the photographer, in order to find out if the person behind the screen is the one you will like to tell your love story.

Booking and contracts

Finally, here we are! We managed to find a photographer we really like. We love his photography style, we have great empathy with him, and we find the perfect service package according to our needs.

Now, the last step is to make a reservation, followed by a contract. You need to receive a contract that clearly specifies all the terms and conditions of the services. You need also to read it carefully to check if all the details you spoke about over a phone call or an email are stated in it. Everything you chose to be part of your wedding package must be clearly written, same goes for the photographer working hours, the eventuality of extras, or how the material will be delivered. All of these steps are the latest one you would need to check, but they are definitely the most important part of your research, even more, important than the rest of it.

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