How to organise a destination wedding in Italy in a single location

Let’s analyze together the different possibilities, with pros and cons when celebrating a destination wedding in this location

The wedding is such an essential matter for women. 🙂 This lifetime event needs to take place precisely as seen in the bride’s mind, exactly like she imagined. Every single detail of the destination wedding needs to be analysed and organised correctly.

The destination wedding location is the first thing to consider as it has to reflect the idea that the couple has in mind; including the style and mood of their desired wedding, especially if abroad, in this case in Italy.

Talking in particular about destination weddings, we need to take into account different elements that couples often don’t consider essential but that are necessary for the success of the wedding itself.

I know what you’re thinking right now: you are dreaming about this day, and you desire to live it exactly as you have it in your mind.

This blogpost will give you a checklist of details that you need to consider when organising your destination wedding in Italy and by doing this, we will analyse the development of a full wedding day in more information: from the preparation stage to the final party.

We want to create a series of blog posts that explain the difference in the organisation of a destination wedding, based on the kind of celebration you wish to have. These will be:

• Symbolic wedding in the same location
• Religious marriage in a church
• Civil wedding at the town hall

Let’s start with the first one.

A symbolic wedding that takes place in the same location as the celebrations

In most destination weddings the event’s celebration is taking place in the same location as the ceremony.

symbolic rite

Very often, couples prefer just a symbolic ritual. A symbolic ceremony doesn’t imply any legal value and certainly less commitment. Also, the spouses can decide to organise the event as they want: there are some traditions we love to see at a destination wedding, and we can offer suggestions, for example, the sand ritual, the light one, and the exchange of warm rings.

On other occasions, the chosen location can celebrate a civil ceremony, but this depends mostly on the celebrant’s availability to travel to the place and make it legal.

Couples that decide to have a celebrant at their destination wedding need to consider that this can impact the overall cost too. Moreover, it is not always possible to have someone able to celebrate a wedding without any damage. Some places can legally celebrate the marriage, for example, by having a Town Hall on the location.

The symbolic ceremony is quite the right solution in terms of legal matters. The couple can easily have the symbolic ritual in any place they choose and then officialise the wedding in their Country.

Why is celebrating the destination wedding in the same location one of the better options?

We want to answer this, analysing in details the different stages of the ceremony itself.

Getting ready

Let’s start with the preparation moment. When the ritual is taking place in the same location, couples are way more relaxed because there is no need to think about anything else.

All you need for the day is already correctly set up, and the spouses can get their photo and video shootings while getting ready, in total tranquillity and spontaneity, also keeping in mind that all the people they love are already outside.

What counts now are the emotions that we can capture in pictures and videos; this is our strength.

We particularly love to shoot in this part of the day. These moments are lovely to see: the bride is spending time with her witnesses, while receiving the present from her beloved one, delivered directly to the room. In a different one, the groom is getting ready too, and you are both one step away from saying your faithful “I do’s”.

destination wedding

If you choose a location with the capacity to host your guests too, you will be sure of the wedding’s success also in terms of extra expenses. The cost of transfers to different locations is a detail that can have a significant impact on the final bill. Have you ever thought about it?

When couples organise a destination wedding in a single location, we notice that everyone is more relaxed and they better enjoy the day. The guests arrive in the location in which the celebration is taking place, chilling while having a drink and waiting for the event to start.

Everything is so close, even if in different areas, and this makes the atmosphere just perfect. The spouses are happy, everyone is stress-free, and we’re able to capture the best pictures and videos.

The ceremony

The ceremony is the moment everyone is waiting for, the focus of the wedding itself.

The guests are ready, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. The groom is so emotional too, shining eyes, he is trying not to cry.

We are there too, with our cameras. If we usually expect the bride’s emotion, we are always taken by surprise watching the groom’s reaction when she is walking towards him, and when something magic is happening a few moments before: the great first look.

first look

Compared to other kinds of ceremonies, the symbolic one gives couples the chance to personalise the event completely. It is possible to choose the music for the different moments of the day, as well as organising the preferred time of the exchange of their promises. The guests have the chance to make speeches and dedicate their best words to the newly engaged couple. Also, as said before, different rituals can be done in these moments (sand ritual – light ritual – warm ring and many others).

So far, we underlined the positive aspects of a ceremony in the same location. Let’s have a look now at some things that are often not considered by the couples.

We believe that it is essential to analyse both pros and cons of the situation as we aim to help to see in advance all the issues couples may have during the wedding day.

The weather

When we work at symbolic ceremonies, especially during summer, we notice that couples don’t pay too much attention to the weather conditions in advance.

Before the bride arrives, the guests are starting to sit and wait for the ceremony to start. Sometimes the guests are seated under a bright and hot sun, and the weather may be the condition that pushes the guests to look for refreshment and shadow, both during the morning and late evening weddings. The problem is then to assist at a ceremony with few guests left.

The hot weather can cause pictures to be weird, especially if afterward we find guests somewhere else, totally not interested in the event.

Can you think about a possible solution?

During the wedding set up, it’s possible to place a structure that can prevent from sun and rain to reach the guests directly, or the spouses can choose a timeframe during the day when the temperature is less intense.

From the photographer’s point of view, so ours as well, taking pictures at a wedding under the sun can provoke some issues. The video camera and the photography one can incur in overheating and consequently turn off, interrupting our work.

From the spouse’s point of view, the bright sun can cause some issues in keeping the eyes open and consequently have lousy quality images.

If the symbolic ceremony also includes some guests’ speeches, the waiting time under the sun can be longer and make the guests uncomfortable.

The sound

The symbolic ritual on an open space can also include the use of a microphone by the celebrant, the spouses that make their promises, some additional speeches, and the band that plays.

It’s necessary to have an amplification that allows all the guests to listen correctly, especially the ones sitting at the back.

The biggest mistake that who is preparing the set up can make is to place the speaker close to the spouse’s seats.

What can this cause?

Aesthetically, the image of cables running through the area where the celebration is taking place can ruin the decoration’s style.

wedding location

Another disadvantage that this causes is the audio quality. The sound created won’t be in optimal conditions, and this could penalise the video part that needs to be perfect, especially if you choose it for the wedding package.

Which one can be a possible solution?

The spouses can check these details previous to the ceremony and ask to adjust the speaker in a way that won’t ruin the natural environment, and that will allow every guest to listen correctly. It is not necessary to have the audio equipment close to the couple, and by having it so close to them may exclude the distant audience.

The aperitif

If couples avoided leaving the guests under a warm sun, they will feel more comfortable arriving at the organised reception.

The aperitif is the most awaited moment, it often represents 50% of the lunch or the dinner.

You have the chance to cheer your guests, have a chat with your family and receive lots of warm wishes. You will be so happy and laugh a lot.

wedding aperitif

For us, it is lovely to shoot a spontaneous moment like this one. We love to lose ourselves inside the crowd of the guests, to capture this time that usually lovers appreciate so much too.

Let’s analyse the pros and cons of this particular time.

A fast aperitif will shorten the time between the ceremony and the launch/dinner. Consequently, you also have fewer chances to have a great couple’s photography shooting.

The best solution can be to add an extra day to your wedding pack, only focused on the photoshoot. You can fully enjoy the celebration, freely in the company of your beloved ones.

We strongly suggest valuing this option to have a stress-free and enjoyable day.

A big aperitif can entertain your guests while you are having your wedding photoshoot.

As you probably are aware, people love to eat and drink. If there is also a live band playing and some entertainment too, no one will notice your absence.

For a while, at least. 🙂

Usually, who decides to have a big aperitif, then opt for a light lunch or dinner.

This way, the guests won’t spend a considerable amount of time sitting at the tables, and they can enjoy a more extended celebration.

It is also great to think about a wedding food menu that includes just a main course and a second one compared to one with lots of dishes.

The couple’s photoshoot

The celebration is coming to an end; the couple is drinking the last bit of Prosecco, cheering with family and friends.

If the photographer has been so kind, working as a shadow but always close, everyone will forget about it.

When the light is the ideal one, you will hear your name called, and here you have another fantastic image of you.

We love the couple’s photoshoot. It is the moment in which you can take some time for yourself, talk to each other, and speak about all the sensations you had during the day, while we are taking pictures of you.

destination wedding

Doing the photoshoot in the same location allows you to avoid transfers to another site, and choose a spot where to take stunning images, maybe also with the warm light of a sunset.

It is also great for letting the photographer arrive the day before the wedding. Having more time to explore the location means also having the chance to allow him the best solutions for the photoshoot.

The only thing against you now is the time. The length of the ceremony just took it all, the light is getting lower, and you are looking at the fantastic Italian landscapes at a different time of the day.

Most couples agree with the photographer to add an extra photoshoot to their wedding package the day after the ceremony.

Also, the weather can be uncertain and pictures in an open space can’t be an option anymore.

It is essential to have a good plan B.

Most wedding locations have the option to prepare an inside area for every emergency.

We can’t prevent the weather, but we can have a good plan B.

Lunch and dinner

So here you are, chilling and celebrating with your guests. Everything is going perfectly according to plans. Some soft music is creating the perfect atmosphere, while all of you cheers to life. Someone is also dedicating you a speech from the heart.

And here we are too, capturing every single moment of it.

What can happen during a wedding lunch or dinner?

wedding location

If we think about some negative aspects, this can be that a long one is forcing guests to sit for three hours or so.

During these years, we noticed that people love to eat, but they also don’t want to get bored. We always advise couples to have a light and fast lunch or dinner, to have more time to enjoy the party and the following open bar.

Pay attention to locations with time limitations too. Especially when the final celebration is taking place during the evening, it is better to ask the time until when the music can play, for example. If you decide to have a long dinner, you will also have just a few hours to have fun.

According to our experience, the wedding day looks like it’s flying. It is a sentence we often hear from couples. It is important than to understand if the location you choose can allow more freedom to use time and spaces.

The final party

This last part of the day is the one where all the rules are broken. Everyone just wants to have fun.

If the desire is to obtain a great party, the best solution is to hire a good DJ or a live band that is also able to entertain the guests.

The entertainment at a wedding is such an essential part of it.

destination wedding

Like we explained before, the best option would be a location with few time limitations, and that offers the possibility to add more hours in case the party takes longer than initially prevented.

A good option is also to have an open bar. Drinking all together is what can be considered the base of a real party.

To have great pictures and an emotional video, if the wedding is taking place during the evening, you can ask the DJ or the live band to bring some lighting to have the best atmosphere.

Also, the sound equipment needs to be the best possible so that everyone can feel the festive mood.

If the wedding celebration is taking place during the daytime, lights are not essential, but an audio sound system can make a difference.

Another aspect to consider is the party in the rain.

As photographers, we are working in every condition, and we are sure the images would be even more particular, but probably guests won’t have the same vision. 🙂

Before booking a wedding location, it is essential to check if the place has a closed area for weather emergencies. This can be useful also during summertime for guests to be repaired from the heath.

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