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Wed Photography Memories are authentic vibes

Septem passion and experience in Wed Photography Art.

The wedding photography is one of the most important parts of this day, as it fully represents a unique and unrepeatable moment, full of joy and emotions.

This gallery shows a part of our portfolio, it shows which services have been chosen by some of the couples we worked with.
So that you can understand which is the package that suits your needs best.

168 Wedding Photos, Couple Shooting and Elopement Shooting

Sharon and Samuel – Langhe Wed Photography

These are Sharon and Samuel but we named them “Shamuel” because they are one single thing.
When they chose us to tell the story of their love we were grateful since the beginning because we realised that we would also have fun together.
For their wedding they chose the stunning landscape of Langhe great background for wedding photography.
A breathtaking view opened up to us in the first hours of the afternoon of that day. How beautiful is our country!
This time exactly in the centre of Piedmont.


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  • Wedding Dress: Nicole Spose
  • Location: La Torricella – Monforte d’Alba (Cuneo)

We are Paola and Adriana

wedding photographers and storytellers. We love to tell your stories through images.

Alessia and Armando – Wedding in the winery at Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT)

Wow, what a wedding!
Alessia and Armando chose us to tell the story of their special day exactly one year before the date.
They wanted us to speak about their emotions.
To celebrate the wedding, they chose a little and romantic church surrounded by greenery,
they liked the ceremony to be intimate and private.
September is one of the best months to celebrate a moment like this.
The sunset’s light, the landscape, the wineries full of grapes and then them, with their smiles and their way to love each other.
A location made fine and elegant thanks to the detailed work of the wedding planners.
Because when you have everything set up like this, doing this job gets even easier.
Working with calm and serenity makes you give more.


  • Wedding photography


  • Wedding Planner: Mandragora Events and Wedding
  • Wedding Dress: Alessandra Rinaudo
  • Location: Tenuta Tamburnin – Castel Nuovo Don Bosco (Asti)
  • Wedding cake: Fabrizio Racca
  • Flowers: Doufur fiori

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Memories are authentic vibrations.

Every story and every couple is unique and we aim the wedding photos and wedding films we take to be like you and represent your real life, nothing more.
We want you to be delighted when you’ll see your images, and feel goosebumps on your skin.


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Enrico and Stefania – Wedding at San Sebastiano Castle

Not too far away from Turin there is the stunning castle of San Sebastiano.
We are always so happy to lose ourselves in this beautiful landscape and I believe this happened also for Enrico and Stefania.
They thought about their wedding day to be with the September’s sunlight, but the autumn mood made it even more beautiful, fascinating and mysterious.
Not always weddings are like we expect them to be, but it is this unpredictability to make every moment unique and unrepeatable.
When you are shooting in a place like this you can only be grateful for your job.
A wedding is made of emotions, meetings, hugs and we love to tell about these through images and an exclusive video storytelling.
Enrico and Stefania choose both packages to remember how beautiful that day was.


  • Wedding photo and video


  • Location: Castle of San Sebastiano – San Sebastiano da Po (Torino)
  • Wedding Dress: Pronovias
  • Wedding Planner: Isi eventi
  • Wedding Cake: Agripasticceria
  • Jewels: Giverso
  • Accesories: Cristina e Signorina

Vibes speak louder than words.

You will relieve your emotions through our experience made of advanced film techniques.
You will be able to show your best moments to your beloved ones and they will feel the same shiver down their spine too.
Book with us a free wed photography consultation call and we will be glad to explain to you how we work and how we can create the best lifetime memories of your day.

Alessia and Matteo – engagement on the natural reserve of Irminio – Sicily

Not so long ago Matteo got in touch with us because he wanted to make a special present to his girlfriend Alessia: a couple’s shooting.
He wanted to take the chance of their holiday in Sicily and of the beauty of the sea to have amazing memories of their journey, and most of all, remember how beautiful is a couple’s life when exploring a stunning place, like Sicily for example.
But the shooting we made, at the end became a truly emotional engagement proposal.
He was on his knees in front of her, reading a heartbreaking letter and she hugged him so tightly.
Everything became so romantic in that moment and we are sure there is going to be a sequel because to his question ‘Would you marry me?’,
she answered YES.
It has been just a perfect time and a perfect location, in the natural reserve of Irminio in the coastline of Iblea, with the collaboration of a wedding’s designer as well, the sun, the sea and their love.
Such an unforgettable day!


  • Engagement Shooting


  • Wedding Designer: Studio Trentanove – Mariarosa Carpinteri

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