Wedding photo album – How is created 7 principal steps

Let’s check together every step in order to create a wedding photo album

You have just received your wedding photos, but now you don’t know how to determine the best images to place into your wedding photo album.

So far, if you thought that your wedding day’s photoshoot was challenging – you still have to face the choice of all the pictures of your big day. 🙂

How can you make such big decisions? No worries, we have your back. We will explain it to you in just 7 steps. Shall we start?

How many pictures and how many doubts! How do you decide which wedding photos are worthy enough to go into your photo book?

If your wedding photographer did a great job, the choice of the most representative moments of that day is even harder.

Very often we have couples feeling confused and overwhelmed, and the most frequently asked questions are: how can we choose the best pictures if all of them are so beautiful? It is very hard! We have to say it, this is really rewarding!

But let’s don’t lose our focus here.

1 – Picture choices

This is certainly the first step, to begin with, the realisation of a wedding photo album. So, if you are wondering what we normally advise our couples in order to choose the best photos – it is simple as this: we forward a little sample of a layout to make them understand how to proceed in the choice.

There aren’t rules for this: some couples prefer the moment of their photo shooting, others like the ceremony’s one, some others love the party’s pics. So the first choice to make is based on the favourite moment first.

Secondly, we always advise creating a folder ( it can be called ‘Choices’ or ‘Best photos’) in which starting to insert the different moments of the day, from the pre-wedding shooting to the final part of it. After the first look at these pictures, delete the least interesting ones. You have now done the first step. 🙂

With the layout example, the couple is starting to have an idea of how the album will look like. We also normally indicate a maximum number of pictures to choose, that depends on the number of pages available on the album. Normally, a photo book is made of about 30 pages and we advise to select a maximum of 80/100 photos.

No worries if you can’t insert them all: we will deliver to you all the remaining pictures in a high-resolution format and without our logo, so you can decide to print them yourself, maybe for a present to family and friends.

For this reason, always ask your photographer if your wedding pictures can be used or if you have to pay an extra charge to have them all.

With our help, you are totally safe. Our packages include 800 pictures that you can have and use how you wish.

2 – Choice of the format of the wedding album

Before we proceed to print the layout, we usually ask a classic question to every couple: would you like your photo album to be horizontal or vertical?

In our opinion, the vertical one is considered a bit ‘old school’ and it reminds us a lot of our grandparents.  🙂 There are still photography studios that create them this way, but we focus more on the landscape and rectangular formats. We can also print the square one.

The choice of the format is just a personal thing, but a professional photographer will be able to advise you on the best one for you, according to his experience.

We offer different printed formats for the rectangular and square sizes:

Square:  20×40 – 30×60 – 35×70
Rectangular : 25×70 – 30×80

wedding photo album

3 – Choice of the photography paper 

Aside from the format’s choice, it is essential to choose the printing support. Every photographer studio should have different ones available: matte, finest line or patterned paper, are the most common ones.

Our photography studio offers different kinds of paper that you can choose for your wedding photo book. We are aware of the pros and cons of all of them so that we can better guide you through a choice and we will also provide you with feedback from previous couples. Moreover, we already tested every paper on our own to check the differences made over time.

A photo book really knows what means to have its pages flipping through and sometimes to be badly treated, so we will definitely help you to make the best choice.

One more thing to take into account when choosing the paper for your wedding photo album is to consider your feelings about it.

Which one is giving you goosebumps just only with the touch? Think about this and your decision will be easier. 🙂

What about if you are far away and you can’t feel the paper with your hands?

Well, we are not scared of distance and we are used to breaking barriers. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you. When you happen to be in Italy to organise your big day details, we can arrange a meeting and show you some samples.

We always have some with us that we are willing to leave our clients to help them make the best choice.

4 – Layout

Once you’ve made a decision about the hard choice of pictures, paper and format, the next step will be the layout. Well, you can definitely chill now, as this part almost entirely depends on us.

Our photography studio is taking care of different services along with the graphic layout of the photo album. The process is really simple: the photographer will send you a PDF in order to verify that all the pictures you choose are in the file. After your approval, the material will be sent to the laboratory for the printing phase.

We often send a PDF to the couple for a check and, most of the time, they request some changes. The client’s satisfaction is our first priority and we want to make you happy with the final result. So no worries if you change your mind at the last minute.

Just a little hint: before you sign a photographer’s wedding contract, make sure you have clear if you can choose the wedding pictures for your wedding photo book and decide the layout and details. Don’t take this for granted!

At Septemvisual we always allow our couple to choose their pictures and every little detail to make the choice more personalised.

5 – Material choice 

Here we are, finally to the last part: the choice of the material.

We get to the final steps of the process, but certainly not the less important ones.

Not many photography studios have the availability of different material that can be chosen for a wedding photo album. Most of the time it is also difficult to select different combinations between co

lours and packaging.

Very often the crafting of the material is outsourced to laboratories that permit to change only colours and text.

We outsource our photo album to an artisanal laboratory that is able to realise different models and change colours and material too.

Consequently, we can provide way more services of what you can find in external markets and online.

Recently, for example, we created a wedding photo album thanks to the collaboration of two laboratories: one was taking care of cut and laser incision and the other one defined all the final details.

The results were just amazing!

photo album

6 – Packaging choice 

You’ve chosen almost everything now.

Between all the accessories that come with the wedding photo album, from the basic choice to the top ones, we also provide cool packaging.

Your focus will have to be now on the box that will contain your dearest memories. Some photography studios have this service included in their packages.

Even for the box, there is a choice to be made in terms of material. In our case, you will be able to choose between different ones.

Ask us for a free price check.:)

After we make this final decision, our project is sent to the laboratory.

We finally made it!

So far, we have chosen every single thing: the pictures, their format, materials and box. Now, the photographer is able to send everything to the laboratory and let you know about the expected time of delivering for your wedding photo album.

Our laboratory normally takes 20 days to create them, but it all depends on many different factors as well.

To guarantee the best work ever we usually advise our couple to not print their album in particular moments of the year, such as Christmas time and festivities.

We all know that these particular times of the year, like also Valentine’s Day or summer holidays, will require more time for a project to be done.

We really want to make sure that any product we create at Septem Visual comes with the best high-quality standard.

In order to assure you high-quality standards and also choose to take on just a few weddings per year, in order to fully dedicate ourselves to them. We do this in all the processes of our work.

Everything must always be perfect! Every client needs to have a constant smile and the memory of an excellent job.

7 – Wedding photo book delivery 

This is the part we love the most and that you’ve been waiting for so much.

When the couples received their wedding photo album, the most common exclamations are: “I never thought it could be so beautiful and emotional to see our pictures printed.”

Imagine that you choose all of them, with all the details of the album too. 🙂

Every time the surprised exclamation is the same. The real secret is that we all can’t get enough experience of memory, especially when it’s one that reminds us of our best days.

Printing a picture is the best way to don’t forget about it. A memory can vanish with time, but a printed one, never!

The couples that choose our services have always seen their boxes delivered with an important part of their life inside them.

And they were always, luckily, happy to see how strong can be the impact of their printed pictures.

Well, lots of applause goes to us as well. 🙂

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