Wedding photo album, how many combinations are available?

All the possibilities you have to create your wedding photo album 

The wedding photo album is an additional service that is often underestimated but is very appreciated by couples who choose it for their wedding package.

At SeptemVisual we provide different services to realise the best photo album as we collaborate with suppliers who work with many fabrics and materials. Couples can choose from faux leather, high-tech material like plexiglass, and a more fine one like wood.

Every year we make a visit to one of the laboratories to keep us updated on new releases and new trends. We choose the new materials and we create some samples to test and show to couples so that they can give us their feedback.

The client’s opinion is very important to us.

Before we start a long-lasting collaboration with our laboratories, we make detailed research that could guarantee quality, but also aesthetic features: the final result needs to look great.

Since the beginning, we decided to collaborate with family-run craft workshops. We believe that human feeling is the most valuable asset in every company.

When couples decide to outsource their wedding photo album to us, we take care of every detail, guiding them through their choice.

It is important to know how to advise: for example, recommending a certain kind of paper despite another and we provide useful tips because we tested our products and materials.

Think about how much the photo books are browsed. They need to be resistant to time and use. We perfectly know that this is an essential value in order to keep your memories safe. We need to be sure the final product meets high-quality standards and we can assure you, it will.

Let’s see together which possibilities you’ll have.

Normally we divide the wedding photo album into three different packages, but there are many other options too.

“Touch” Package:

This wedding photo album includes:

• An album of 25×70 cm (open format) with 30 photographic plates on photographic paper and hand-bound.
• A medium-density fibreboard line-covered (you can choose different colours).

This is the most economic package that we call “basic”.

The back is in white faux leather and a photographic panel protected by a matte plastic that you can also personalise with a picture, a design or anything you wish.

“Covers” package with photographic paper: 

The covers package includes:

• An album of 30×80 with 30 photographic plates on photographic paper, and hand-bound.
• A box you can choose between the medium-density fibreboard line-covered or the wooden one.

wedding photo album

This album is the most chosen one from our couples because the cover can be personalised choosing between different fabrics.

It is also possible to combine different materials together, for example, two line-covers of different colours, or just a line-cover along with juta material.

“FineArt” package:

Last but not least, the third package includes:

– An album of 30×80 with 30 photographic plates on FineArt paper.
– A box to choose in between the medium-density fibreboard line-covered or the wooden one.

The difference between this kind of paper and the photographic one is the paper’s composition. The FineArt paper is made of natural fibre (cotton or alpha-cellulose) and it’s not bleached with chlorine during the process.

This guarantees the long-lasting characteristics of the photos.

The paper’s choice is often made through feelings that the paper itself transmits. We have different kinds of FineArt papers available: from the most elaborated ones to the fine ones.

The covers can be 100% personalised choosing between different fabrics and materials that also include wood.

The cover you can see below has been created after a collaboration between two different laboratories: one was taking care of the album cut and laser incision and the other one was taking care of the hand-bound details and album printing.

Wedding photo album

Create the wedding photo album package that you like the most

If you have the impression we don’t provide many choices, in reality, it is just a matter of simplicity: we give a few possibilities but these include all the principal services. For us, it’s easier to manufacture the product.

It is, therefore, possible to combine materials and fabrics and create a more personalised offer.

It is also possible to add to these packages the option to create a photo album for the couple’s parents and also some personalised gadgets for the wedding witnesses.

You can choose to make a present with some smaller formats of the same album with the same number of photographic plates (this indicates the pages of the photobook when it is open) or decide to reduce the pages too.

Below, you can find some of the possible combinations you can choose from and remember that our artisan laboratory can also create different ones.

Faux leather – Line-covered – Thick fabrics – Wood and fabric – Juta

Wedding photo album

If you are curious about how a photo book is born you can also take a look at this article.

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