Wedding photographer cost: useful information for you

How the cost of a wedding photographer is justified

The first question we need to ask ourselves when organising a wedding is “how much does a wedding cost?” And more to the point “is the price for a wedding photographer in line with the services offered?” The expenses of a wedding photographer must correspond to an adequate service.

In this article, we will help you to understand how the price can increase according to different circumstances and why.

wedding photographer cost


One of the things that can increase the wedding price of a wedding photo shoot is definitely the photographer “know-how”. The experience and the skills of a professional photographer have their costs.

All the training that helped the photographer to improve his knowledge over the years, has surely made his job more skilled and aware.

Over the years, a wedding photographer will invest in themselves through experience and education and their prices will reflect this. Reputable wedding photographers, with plentiful experience, are likely to charge a higher rate for their services.

Our photography studio is following up with different courses and seminaries. We believe that training and improving our knowledge is the key to success. Never stop learning, even if you are already a great photographer.

The cost of a wedding photoshoot can’t greatly increase only based on this.

The cost of a wedding photographer depends on a different number of factors.

Quality pictures 

When you have to hire a wedding photographer, the very first thing to do is to verify his competences and experience. You really need to have a look at his previous work. Don’t base your judgment only on a few or just one picture, but ask to see a portfolio or a full wedding photo album.

On our website, you can find wedding photos that we’ve taken, and we’ve organised them into albums so you can see our style for yourself. This is an important element to consider in order to understand if the previous work done is of high quality and if you are in the right place to make your choice.

For privacy reasons, we can’t publish all the pictures of the weddings we’ve worked with, but for every event, you can find on our website a different selection that will help you understand if our previous works are matching your style.


Another element that can create an increment of the price of a wedding photoshoot, is the number of the photographer’s team: how many professionals will take care of your wedding day.

A team can be represented by different professionals, accompanied by work assistants. Wedding photographer cost changes according to this. The work assistant is making his first experiences partnering with the professional photographer. The photographer already has those competencies and experiences made on the fieldwork, while the assistant still needs to improve them.

wedding photographers

Many photography studios often have professionals that do this as a second job in order to increase their monthly income. Most of them invest only a few amounts of their time approaching this profession and they don’t look into it as a stable career.

What may happen if you choose a photography studio that has on the inside different professionals?

The risk is that you could speak with one of them, find a good agreement, and build that empathy and connection that you love. And then maybe end up with someone else during your wedding day. Something really to avoid.

One of the policies of our photography studio is to take just one event per day and a relatively small amount of events per year. This way we can fully, and without reserve, take care of the couples that choose us to set up everything in a clear and transparent way since the first meeting.

We will accompany you in this journey: from setting up the pre-wedding details to the print of the photo album if you wish to have it in your package.

Our team at Septemvisual is formed by two professional photographers and two professional videographers, plus a couple of assistants. This gives us the chance to guarantee to the couple the professionalism that deserves.

Working hours 

The working hours can be another element that creates a price increase.

There are photography studios that include in their daily price a fee to prevent extra hours not mentioned in the contract. The price can change quite a lot if the hours are not decided previously on the wedding day.

The compensation depends on the hours done and also on the number of professionals or assistants required for the job.

Normally a wedding contract takes into account from 10 to 12 hours of work.

Our service packages include a 12 hours deal, enough for us to complete a full day. Especially if the wedding is organised inside a unique location and the time of transfer is absent, we are able to fully use it in the best way. In any case, even when the day is getting longer for different reasons, we always use our common sense in making couples pay the extra hours.

Packages and services 

This is probably the most variable voice inside the wedding photographers prices.

Every photographer offers a number of services that can make the price change quite a lot. It’s not easy to say how much the average cost of a wedding is.

The packages can include a certain number of operators, a total of hours and services, the use of particular equipment like a drone for air shootings, the add-on of extra services like takeaway prints, and the add of a wedding photo book.

Every voice inserted in the contract can increase the price of the entire service.

As you can notice, there are different elements and it’s quite difficult to define the average price of a wedding photography shooting.

You can check our packages and have an idea of the total cost we offer. You can also book a free discovery call or get in touch with us through our email for any personalised advice. We will be glad to offer you all the information you need.

One of the most complete packages we offer includes:

– Up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage
– 2 photographers
– Complimentary pre-wedding consultation
– 40 hours post-production
– 800 post-produced photos
– Digital Download

starting price from 2300€

This is just one of the many packages we offer. Check out all the others!


This voice can influence the price that you would have to consider in order to have a full wedding photoshoot.

If you decide to have a destination photographer for your wedding, you will have to take into account the cost of the expenses to reach the location where you will celebrate your big day.

It’s obvious to say that the cost increases according to the different locations.

We travel all over Italy to work at weddings and we like to make our couples happy and satisfied. For this reason, we often look for the best and convenient solutions for all. We are photographers that love to travel for weddings, and certainly not traveller photographers. Our first thought is to capture love memories, with the maximum respect for the couples.

Based on the kind of technology support used to deliver the files, the total cost of the photo shooting for the wedding can be different.

If you choose the option of the delivery on the USB file, the cost will definitely be different compared to printing the images in a photobook. Then it all depends on the kind of photobook you choose too.

As previously mentioned, this list of variable elements can determine the wedding photo prices, what you can realistically expect to pay, and how certain elements can increase or decrease the price based on the services offered in a wedding package.


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