Wedding shooting at San Giorgio Castle

What’s it like to venture into the boundaries of a castle and be overwhelmed by the multitude of the blending hues in the sky?
From dusty blue to cornflower blue, from Savoy blue to royal blue, amid regal details and geometrical structures, this is a study of opposites which attract, only by following a precise and prearranged order.
And so it is, that in this castle imbued with the odours of history, an authentic modern fable comes to life, born from the interplay between knowing handcraft and the excellent taste of “made in Italy” products provided by a group of professionals who are experts in the wedding sector.
We brought together the best in this business: a stylist of wedding dresses, custom-made and with refined fabrics; wedding planners with an excellent experience; a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer who seek perfection; a florist with an excellent taste and a jeweler who still uses ethical gold, and a calligrapher.
A blaze of hortensias, orchids, carnations, and lisianthus embellish the array of a perfectly arranged mise en place, courtesy of Florentine-crafted dining porcelain and Turin-based manufacturing of the customized details in the paper and calligraphy of the menus and seat markers.
Then comes gold, a color which is usually associated with the rays of the Sun, a radiant light which is able to convey heat, in the same way as marriage is a celebration of one’s love which is shared with those closest and dearest to us.
Also, the clothing, which is strictly first-rate tailoring, enhances the mood of this story, which aims to revisit tradition through a more contemporary reconstruction.
Altogether, this is a journey that weaves between the past and the future, between ancient fables and modern stories… but whatever the destination may be, the point of return is always the safe place we have chosen for ourselves, the person who walks by our side, takes our hand, and ventures forward with us on our adventure.
And so… they lived happily ever after. Forever.

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