Wedding Videography

The art of ‘storytelling’.
An image creates a picture, more images creates a history.

The wedding videography is a story full of emotions.

Not only does it remind you of an event, but it also brings back to light all the emotions you felt. You’re able to relive these emotions due to essential characteristics, like the use of specific sound settings, the contextualisation through the capture of places, and the details of climate and season.
The wedding video has to give back a journey and its perception has to be fully felt, at 360°.

The stories we are speaking about are authentic, original and never taken for granted. They are never different from what is true to you.
Every couple has its own love story and its own way to manifest it and represent it.
We want you to be YOU.

We want to build up a journey with you, to better represent your day in the best and true way possible.
We want to see your vibes, and we are going to provide you with a product of high quality.

Here you can find a little gallery that shows you how we are careful about emotions and how much they count for us.
We can offer you different packages and services.
To help you really understand what will be the outcome of our work, we listed here some of our recent projects.

Book a free consultation with us and we will be glad to explain to you how we work and which package will suit you the best.

Ch. one – Sharon


  • Editing: Adriana Russo
  • Location: Monticello d’Alba (CN) – Lago del Moncenisio (France)

And here there is Sharon and Samuel’s wedding. We wanted to tell their most special day from two different points of view. This is Sharon’s one. 

Ch. Two – Samuel


  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Location: Monticello d’Alba (CN) – Lago del Moncenisio (Francia)

Two simple young souls, exactly like their love is.
This is the wedding day, that is told Samuel’s point of view.

La ballade


  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Spouses: Gloria Sottile e Andrea D’Emiliano

  • Location: Villa Duchi D’Aosta – San Sebastiano da Po

The luck to find some street artists that are playing live music and the luck to have a couple that starts to dance.
The life intended as a dance for two, where the steps are decided from the feeling, from the passion that everyone puts in, from the emotions that are so palpable.
It is exactly like this that ”La Ballata” is born.

Walking Away


  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Spouses: Sharon Bartalotta – Samuel Olenci

  • Location: Lago del Moncenisio – Francia

A day spent between the mountains. On the border between Italy and France, there is the Mount-Cenis lake.
How much do Sharon and Samuel love the mountain? It’s unbelievable. So much so, that they decide to go back to this place to promise each other eternal love.
This is just what we recorded one year before the ceremony. An unforgettable day!

Il Carro Armato sulle note di Bach


  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Spouses: limitazione per privacy

  • Location: Palazzo Ceriana Mayneri – Circolo Della Stampa Torino

Strong and impetuous like a tank on Bach’s symphony.
It’s like this that he describes her. A video that describes a different reality from conventional weddings.
He has a strong passion for music, arts and cinema.
She is fascinating and mysterious.
It’s very hard not to fall in love with them and the way they view their world.



  • Location: Lago del Moncenisio – Confine tra Italia e Francia

  • Couple: Giulia Bianco, Nicola Demure

We want to be represented as we are.
We love motorbike tours and the mountains. We love Keyla and our little python.
This couple’s shooting has been the easiest one we ever did.
I just push the REC button and capture the simplicity of a day spent between mountain and love.

Eyes never lie


  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Spouses: Daniele Trust – Vincenzo Scalise

  • Location: In una Campagna del Piemonte

  • Vendors: Maura Brandino Il Sogno Atelier

This is one of those videos that I will always have a connection with.
The purest love, the complicity of the look in those eyes that can’t hide what their hearts feel.
They are Daniele and Vincenzo, and this is their story!

Save me, marry me.


  • Location: Lago del Moncenisio – Confine tra Italia e Francia

  • Couple: Giulia Bianco, Nicola Demure

  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Concept: Adriana Russo e Cristina Palucci

  • Location: Castello San Giorgio – Foresteria del Castello

    Maura Brandino IL SOGNO ATELIER – Dufour Fiori – Mandragora Events Wedding – Manifattura Calligrafica Nadia Leo – Septem Visual

    Federica Siviero – Foresteria del Castello – Look and Book Hairstyle – Manifattura Richard Ginori

    Givers Gioielli – Juscilene Acacio Cake Designer – Models: Andrea Conte – Miriam Yu

This shooting was created in collaboration with Mandragora Events Wedding.
We feel safe when, after looking for someone and suffering so much, we finally find the
person that completes us.

Just a dream


  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Concept: Adriana Russo

  • Location: Castello Canalis

  • Vendors:  Dufour Fiori – Mandragora Events Wedding – Septem Visual

  • Makeup: Federica Siviero – Foresteria del Castello 

A dream that became a reality.
Every woman dreams of her wedding day.
From their dream, we create the idea of this couple’s shooting.
Them, young and beautiful, in love and having fun.
This is Just a dream!

Vento D’Amuri


  • Spouses: Federica Riela – Aldo Cannella

  • Editing: Adriana Russo

  • Poem: Adriana Russo

  • Location: Scicli  (RG) Sicilia

A poem blows by the wind.
The tales often are born simply from the wedding moments.
Sicily and the warm feeling that transmits, but also, it’s hot wind.
All this inspired poetry in Sicilian language, dedicated to the lovers, dedicated to their love.

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