Wedding’s location: Cascina Ranverso – Buttigliera Alta (TO)

A perfect location for a wedding, with stunning Italian cuisine.

Today we will tell you about a wedding’s location in the Turin area that we definitely consider a special place with a fantastic historical background.

It is an old farmstead recently restructured and with an ambitious project: a fantastic Italian cuisine, with genuine flavours and discerning palates.

cascina ranverso

We want to make an accurate presentation of this location, that has a rustic aspect but elegant at the same time. It also has all the quality to host any kind of wedding, from the traditional ones to the more intimate.

We are talking about Cascina Ranverso.

Cascina Ranverso

Cascina Ranverso is situated close to Turin, totally immersed in the countryside of Buttigliera Alta, just a few kilometres from the city but already quite far away from the urban chaos.

Cascina Ranverso is also one of the most picturesque farmsteads of Piedmont. It has had many names but “Cascina Nuova” was the original name.

In 1782 the building was built, but recently, it has a new, more modern aspect to host any kind of ceremony and welcome spouses and guests.

The structure houses numerous different areas. The main one is the wedding ceremony room, with a beautiful open kitchen and an incredible food menu.

cascina ranverso

There is also a close space where you can celebrate the wedding launch, and where it is also possible to have an aperitif in case of rainy days or winter weddings.

The structure also comprehends different rooms that you can use to stay overnight.

These are the most comfortable options to host spouses and their guests. It is an essential detail for those who don’t want to miss a single moment of the party, and the spouses can have the privilege to use a beautiful suite.

Our experience at Cascina Ranverso

We found out about Cascina Ranverso during a business meeting in December 2018, and we truly fell in love with this magic place.

Around the area of Turin and Val of Susa, this is one of the best-structured farmsteads in terms of space and architecture. It offers different services, and it provides quality and specialised Italian cuisine, able to satisfy every taste.

We worked in this location for the first time in June 2019, attending a traditional wedding.

During summertime, Cascina Ranverso uncovers lots of romantic scenery too; it is like a new and different place.

The green environment all around makes everything more unique and beautiful.

Cinzia e Fabio

The wedding ceremony of Cinzia and Fabio took place in a church, while Cascina Ranverso was the location for the celebrations.

Natalia Conigliaro Wedding Planner” took care of the event.

The wedding was characterised by warm colours, the ones of autumn, as the month of the celebration was September.

After the spouses’ preparation at each other’s house, Cinzia and Fabio celebrated the religious ceremony in the church of San Michele Arcangelo in Rosta.

We love to shoot pictures at this time of the year. The colours, the temperature, the sunsets and the vineyards close to the location, have such a different mood in the images.

We love this aspect because it gives us the chance to take full advantage of the farmstead: it is possible to organise a wedding reception with all the guests and then move just a bit further to have the wedding photography session on the perfect time of the day.

Elisa e Davide

There is not such a magical moment of the year like December, with the warm tones typical of the Christmas atmosphere. Elisa and Davide chose this special moment for their wedding.

Has anyone ever said that a winter wedding can’t be so unique like a summer one?

We have to say this: no matter the time of the year, what counts is the beauty of the location and the wedding’s organisation.

There is a reason why Cascina Ranverso is in our top 5 best locations in Piedmont to celebrate a wedding.

Also, Elisa and Davide choose to have their ceremony in the main room, obviously because of the cold weather. As far as we can remember, that day gave us mild temperatures and warm daylight, enough to allow us to shoot suggestive photos.

Compared to the other weddings, this couple chooses to have both the ceremony and the celebration in a single location, as everything took place inside Cascina Ranverso.

The wedding was entirely managed and organised by “Inter’nOs Floral Wedding” and its staff.

Why do we advise Cascina Ranverso as one of the top locations for a wedding?

There are many reasons why we consider this particular location in our top 5 favourite places to organise a wedding in Piedmont, especially in the area close to Turin:

It has a perfect connection between modern and ancient.
Wide internal and external spaces.
It offers different options for a plan A (sunny day) and a plan B (rainy day).
Open space kitchen with specialised Italian cuisine.
Best quality of food, as vegetables and fruits are cultivated directly in the place.
Professional and kind staff.
The location is perfect for both winter and summer weddings.
Possibility to stay overnight.
Perfect also for intimate weddings.

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